Used To Be Confused

by Sleepy Seahorse

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released November 11, 2016

written, performed, and produced by Joey Corsentino

(c) 2016



all rights reserved


Sleepy Seahorse Boise, Idaho

Mellow melodies.
Lugubrious lyrics. The songs of Joey Corsentino...

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Track Name: If I Fall Asleep
If I left today
Would I be with you tomorrow
In another place
Show me where it's at I'll follow
You there if I have to walk for miles
I don't care

If I fall asleep
Will I dream of you and will I
Remember when I wake up
Track Name: Does It Bother You?
Does it bother you when I don't talk to you
I want it to but it probably doesn't
And I wish you'd come back right now
But I'm also glad that you're gone

I used to be confused but then I got used to it
I wanna know what you think
About this situation or if you think about it at all

Sometimes I close my eyes and try to go back in time
But it's not the same cuz it's not the real thing
I guess it will never be again
Track Name: On Occasion
What's the difference between sunshine and florescent light
Are you safer when you're in the middle of the night
What's the difference between sleeping and closing your eyes
What's that sound when I am dreaming that makes me realize

There's no time to offer my explanation
You've had a chance to understand on occasion

What's the difference between losing and not giving up
What's the benefit of knowing when you've had too much
What am I supposed to do now that I know my place
Tried to hide it but it's written all over my face

Apologize for my surprise and frustration
When you can tell I'm not myself on occasion

What's the difference between dying and not waking up
On occasion
Track Name: Dreams Don't Come True
Have you began to see that fun don't come easy
And memories don't exist
Or they have been erased and quickly replaced
By empty promises

Did you hope that by now you'd make everyone proud
Did you think you'd be able to sleep
Were you sure that somehow you would turn things around
Are you still counting sheep

Are you through this time you're drawing the line
And never looking back
Do you have what it takes to make no mistakes
About cleaning up your act

Do you not quite fit in with the rest of your friends
Are you comfortable when you're alone
Does it seem like some days there's just nothing to say
Are you just staying home

What are you gonna do when dreams don't come true
And planets don't align
Don't spend eternity don't listen to me
Now you're wasting all your time

Are there thoughts in your brain that are somewhat insane
Do you see things that aren't really there
Maybe it's all a plan that you don't understand
Or maybe you don't care
Track Name: Thin Air
Sometimes the people around me
Don't seem to understand me
When I make a lot of sense
I'll just keep my mouth shut instead

If I disappeared into thin air
Would you come visit me there
And if I don't reappear
Would it seem like I wasn't here

I've got a brand new religion
Finding life has a rhythm
And I'm making perfect time
All nine planets are on my side

This is almost exactly like
What a sound wave would sound like

There's always more to believe in
I change with every season
And I'll make it good this time
Every one has a chance to shine
Track Name: More Than Maybe
Let me know if you like it baby are we running out of time
Is there anything more than maybe are you gonna change your mind
I'm holding out for a just about
I think you know what I'm talking about

You would probably love it honey if you could see through my eyes
Either that or you'd think it's funny and you wouldn't be surprised
I play it tough and you call my bluff
I'm giving up but I can't get enough

If it's not gonna happen tell me and you'll slowly disappear
Eventually I'll think it was silly and the reasons won't be clear
The kind of cool that you can't quite be
The shortest life that you can't be wasting
It wasn't different before we met
Except that it wasn't about you yet
Track Name: Now That I Know
I didn't really want to heal
I wanted to know how it would feel
Now that I know I wish I don't
Although you probably didn't care
I was completely unaware
That I was completely all alone

I don't know where to go from here
I don't know how to face my fear
But I don't have to after all
Because it doesn't matter what I say
Everything won't turn out okay
And if it does it's not my fault